Challenging Electrical Installation in Darlington

This week we have been working in the Hurworth area of Darlington. This property wasn’t like any standard 4 bedroom property what you might expect to find, it’s deeped in history and came with plenty of challenges.

Surprisingly the majority of the wiring was in good order, it was most likely re wired between 30-40 years ago and that part was ok.

It always seems to be when there’s alterations over the years that this works always sub standard. It’s as if it’s not done by a trained electrician.

There was multiple faults in one area of the property such as earths cut out, exposed wires and damage wiring. All things that we couldn’t sign off as satisfactory.

We ended up just re wiring multiple lighting circuits as this the only way we knew for sure that what was is was ok.

Definitely didn’t want to go this route but would sleep easier for sure. Some of the cabling had had damage to the wiring posed a real challenge.

In the end we were unable to say what exactly was the cause of this as we couldn’t pin point the exact wire purely down to the previous installation methods.

Everytime we opened up another hole in the wall we would find multiple junction stuffed in. I personally feel like this part rodents had chewed through the wiring.

From experience this winter almost every call out or power outage has been down to the cabling being chewed through.

We replaced the existing re wireable fuse boards with Hager RCBO’s all complete with surge protection.

The main reason for the RCBO’s and not dual RCD’s is to reduce nuisance tripping giving each circuit its own trip switch.