Shed/Outhouse Electrics by Demand Electrical Solutions, Darlington

Shed/outhouse wiring seems to be something we’re doing a lot of at the moment her at Demand Electrical Solutions, Darlington. The most recent project was a garden room in which the client was to use as an office space.

Shed/Outhouse Electrics

The shed/outhouse was pre fabricated and the client erected it himself, once he’d built the structure it was ready for the first fix wiring.

For this stage it was a case of fixing the back boxes for the light switch and sockets. It also needed the cabling running in for the power and and spot lights.

With the spot lights the most efficient way to do this is by drawing a plan/map of exactly where each down light will be located so that the plasterer can board and skim.

Then we can return and cut the holes out by referring to the plan. The incoming supply cable was to be ran in armoured and the size was dictated by the load in the room.

The client only expected to be using a couple of double sockets for low load appliances so there was no need for a dedicated circuit here.

If it was easy enough I would always run a separate feed to it but in this case the consumer unit was in the middle of the house and it had been recently renovated so damaged was not an option.

Shed/Outhouse Wiring Electrician in Darlington

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