Old consumer unit

Electrician in Darlington - Consumer Unit Upgrades & replacements 

Here’s a photo of today’s task, an upgrade of a consumer unit which has rewireable fuses. This installation is just outside of Darlington in Gainford village.

We will be upgrading this board with a Hager RCBO unit complete with surge protection. Where possible I’ll always leave some spare ways at least 20% for future circuits.

The board has RCBO’s instead of the more common dual RCD’s as it’s far superior in terms of nuisance tripping. Which makes it much more user friendly.

This installation has three separate consumer units due to additional circuits added for the cooker and shower over the years and lack of space in the existing unit.

I’ll be look to merge these separate boards into one make it simpler for the end user and more aesthetically pleasing.

There is also other works to be completed at this property such as additional sockets & lighting in the bedrooms, loft and garage.

Once the works have been completed there will be a digital copy of the electrical certificate issued via email along with a building control notification.

If this is something that your interested in getting a quotation for don’t hesitate to get in touch today.