Consumer Unit Upgrade in Darlington

We have recently changed multiple consumer units in and around the Darlington area. The general process for this work is we would call round to give an estimate.

In this we will if possible remove the existing cover from the consumer unit and take some photos for our records to determine how many circuits are in places. This also give us a gentler idea on the age and condition of the installation.

It’s not a given but more often than not if there is a poorly installed consumer unit, that will often be matched with sub standard electrical work around the property.

If the wiring does look suspect I may take a light switch or socket front front to gain additional knowledge. I then explain the potential for additional rectification work’s.

Communication is absolutely key, most customers are unaware of the standards and regulations that need to be met electrically. It’s then up to us as the expert to educate them.

I’m also checking the earth bonding cables at the gas meter and water stop tap. So often we see the stop tap earth disregard when pipe work has been altered.

Once all the relevant information has been collected, a quotation would be sent via email. We always recommend a surge protection consumer unit complete with RCBO’s.

This style of circuit breaker will give each circuit its own trip switch reducing in the likelihood of nuisance tripping occurring.

If your looking for an electrician in Darlington call Demand Electrical Solutions today for a free quote.