Fan Replacement Darlington

Here’s a photo from recently completed small electrical job in Darlington at a property just off Brinkburn Road for one of our returning customers. The client got in touch with us initially as he is having some minor issues with damp patch and condensation around his property.

This can be lead to bigger problems further down the line if left untreated. Firstly I recommended a PIV unit which stands for positive input ventilation. This basically is a fan which sits in the loft but visible only on the landing ceiling. How it works is it draws air in from the loft space and pushes it around the house removing any existing air through trickle vents or gaps around doors etc.

Unfortunately the loft had been converted into a room so this was not an option. Our second line of attack was to upgrade the existing fan which is located in the kitchen, the unit was well past its sell by date being in excess of 20 years old. The model we had to replace was 6 inch which was operated via a pull and had shutters that slowly opened as it got up to speed.

The new model we chose for the job was a vent axia 4 inch fan which sits on a specially designed converter plate. This model runs continuously on a trickle speed so there’s now need for the client to operate it via the pull switch which was becoming an inconvenience due to how high up it was.

These fans are really smart pieces of kit, they have an abundance of different settings and functions on them for almost every eventuality. If you’d like a quotation for something similar or any other domestic electrical works feel free to get in touch.