Demand Electrical Solutions, Darlington - Storage Heater Installation
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One of our recent storage heater installations was for a client that we regularly carry out work for. We installed four storage heaters at their Darlington property. The reason for this installation is the client had an EPC check done and it failed due to the age and efficiency of the existing night storage heaters.

Storage Heater Installation

These storage heaters are quite inexpensive, they were around £800 per unit. Unfortunately for my client he couldn’t legally rent his Darlington property out without upgrading them.

The new storage heater models are digital and now require a dual supply which means you will now have the option to switch a standard convector on 24/7. The previous models only had the off peak supply being energised in the night when the tariff is at its cheapest.

With each heater needing an additional supply in this case we took that from a local socket. This posed a slight challenge as upstairs had laminated floor so we had to run the wiring the a cupboard and across the loft.

Everything that was visible was ran in mini trunking to reduce damage and additional follow on work for other trades.

Storage Heater Installer in Darlington

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